Pocket Notes 001: Sylwia & Simon


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All profits raised from sales will support project 002.5: rewriting the story of dementia.

During two days spent with our friends Sylwia + Simon, we used imperfect copies of boom saloon to explore questions around what we keep vs what we pass on; what we leave as our legacy; when a magazine is no longer a magazine; how we move to a fully circular publishing model and, pressingly, what we contribute vs what we take from our world.

Demonstrating the conversations sparked, thoughts challenged and opportunities presented as part of this is our latest publication, Pocket Notes. Created in 25 hours by three people, the 16pp, 126x176mm zine comes unedited and unproofed – unlike anything else we’ve published. Printed on a single sheet of paper which is then cut and folded by hand, it removes the need for any form of binding or additional material or substance. Inside, it presents an eclectic, arguably chaotic collection of recipes, overheard conversations, illustrations, playlists and thoughts – consider it our take on an about us page, condensed into two days of insight into the inner workings of boom saloon. We hope you enjoy.

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