FLIP: Issue 001


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All profits raised from sales will support project 002.5: rewriting the story of dementia.

FLIP’s first issue presents a showcase of pioneering voices from the worlds of strategy, design and innovation – focusing on how they each ‘do the right thing.’ In the first half of the publication, we meet extraordinary global talents Tom Miskin, Grant McCracken, Julie Scott and Tabitha Goldstaub. We take a deep dive into their unique reflections and follow how their ideas have forged vibrant creative careers full of possibility. From here, we flip the pace [and the page] to guide our readers through a conversational labyrinth built from the tangents and connections that their discussions spark. 

In a wide ranging Q&A, Tim Harford speaks to Label Ventures’ Maxine Mackie to uncover how Tim operates from a framework of curiosity whilst Andres Roberts, founder of The Bio-Leadership Project, tells Claire Sawers how he seeks to redefine leadership by looking to the symbiotic relationships of reciprocity found in nature. IBM’s Ash Minhas explains how imagination, collaboration and possibility can build a new reality from ideas for the future in a thought provoking feature which explores the role of technical architects. Sparked by Grant MacCracken’s thoughts on existing educational frameworks, Nickie Shobeiry’s interview with Daydream Believers’ Helena Good recognises the need to ground these in creativity. Natalia Poniatowskia’s breathtaking photography, which takes our cover, is showcased as a lyrical interlude – paired with a selection of music from Tom Miskin which soundtracks his daily practice. We also hear from Rosie Baker, Jonathan Prosser, Gideon Hyde, Sophie Amono and Joe Tree to unearth what ‘doing the right thing’ means to them, utilising FLIP’s first issue to share inspiring stories of where they’ve had to face resistance and remain steadfast in their dedication to do good. 

This publication is commissioned by Label Ventures and brought to you by the team at boom saloon. It is the outcome of a creative collaboration rooted in an affinity to champion a new generation of products, services and businesses that are good for the world. In line with boom saloon’s work to democratise creativity for good, all profits from the sale of FLIP will support project 002.5, which seeks to rewrite the story of dementia in collaboration with STAND – a peer support group for people living with younger onset dementia and their families and friends.

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