Catalyst print


Catalyst. Positivity. Change. Big words for an A3 print – and exactly what is needed for an object with so much weight. Our first print holds the potential to catalyse true, positive change – should you be the one to step forward and purchase a copy to make this happen. All profits from sales will directly fund our work to rewrite the story of dementia, paving the way for a future society with the empathy and understanding required to support us all to live to our best.

Celebrating the catalysts for positive change who we are lucky enough to collaborate with each and every day, the Catalyst print draws its wording from our friends at Studio Birthplace – first met on the other side of the world, with values and beliefs aligned with our our own and our international outlook. Like so many of our community, we share a belief in the power of the arts and creative industries and the vital role we know they will play in working towards a better future for us all.

Encouraging small steps towards sparking positive change, the Catalyst print is locally printed via risograph – the ink that is used is soy-based, resin-free and without volatile solvents, allowing environmentally friendly printing which uses minimal electricity. The Catalyst print’s paper is Context Ivory, a recycled and FSC certified stock.

Each and every decision behind the creation of our first print has been made with positive change in mind. We bring this new object to you with a request for action – purchase your print today and be a catalyst for positive change.

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