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Directly fund our work to democratise creativity for good and enjoy a series of member perks in thanks

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We’re very pleased to present an all new way to support boom saloon’s work: become a member today and you’ll directly fund our community projects, which are currently working to rewrite the story of dementia in collaboration with STAND – a peer support group for those living with early onset dementia in Fife, Scotland. As a thank you for supporting this important work, our members can enjoy a series of member perks, as listed below, which include exclusive content downloads, discounts and events. This initiative is driven by the requests of our global community to further their engagement with our movement; we hope you can join us and enable us to continue inspiring and empowering others as we nurture a wealth of incredible potential around the world.

…and you’ll directly fund our community projects

Our community projects use creativity to inspire and empower those facing challenges. To date, they have allowed us to work with a range of extraordinary talents and, together, begin to tackle challenges including forcible displacement, homelessness, substance abuse and dementia. Shaped by the methodology of Asset Based Community Development, they sit at the core of boom saloon and are our reason for existing. Having largely self funded our projects to date, we’re delighted to bring our members into the fold and enable you to directly better the life of another for just £5/ month.

…and receive a number of exclusive member perks in thanks

As a thanks for supporting this vital work, our members enjoy the following:

  • 10% unlimited discount on all items at the boom saloon shop

  • Exclusive discounts from the boom saloon community around the world 

  • Access to member exclusive content downloads, in response to our print features 

  • Free or discounted tickets to boom saloon member events, including meanderings, workshops and read-alongs 

  • Optional access to our email newsletter

Starting at £5.00/ month


boom saloon is a global movement to democratise creativity for good via print magazine, community projects and creative studio. We collaborate with people all around the world to achieve this, and use the profits from our print magazine and creative studio to fund our community projects.

These are an ongoing series of projects which use the Asset Based Community Development framework to inspire and empower people facing challenges. These people could be anyone we recognise creative potential in, no matter their background, education or level of experience. Sometimes our projects focus on a specific geography, sometimes a particular demography – but always work with those communities we know to have talent and potential above and beyond what others may see.

All profits from membership directly fund our community projects.

The main benefit of boom saloon membership is the ability to better the life of another. In thanks for this, our members receive a series of perks including special discounts, content downloads and events.

Yes; if you’d like to get involved in our current work, please email to hear more.