Issue 002: Elements​

Each and every issue of boom saloon centres around a set theme – purposefully ambiguous and open to interpretation. This serves to anchor our broad spectrum of conversations and give shape to a publication featuring the voices of an extraordinarily diverse collection of contributors from all around the world.

Our second issue explores the concepts of ‘elements,’ structured across the four chapters which allow us to explore the discussions which sit at the intersection of our editorial stance. ‘The places’ enables our printed page to travel the world, featuring conversations as pressing as how the community of Tripoli is using creativity to build reconciliation amidst bitter conflict, alongside luxurious photographic essays shot around the globe. ‘The people’ chapter houses a series of interviews with inspiring minds, alongside a showcase of our community projects and the underground talents we collaborate with as part of this. Long form features sit within ‘the thoughts,’ home to challenging explorations of topics including sex work, justice and economic structures. Finally, ‘the tangents’ houses some of our most cherished articles – those which do not naturally sit within any other chapter, but which we feel important to publish. 

By way of our themes and chapters, we curate a publication which is enduring yet unexpected – the perfect showcase of democratising creativity for good, brought to life with our thriving global community of talents. 

All profits raised from sales will support project 002.5: rewriting the story of dementia.