Add to Queue: Waterbear’s Films Below Water

A selection of curated media lists from our global community
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WaterBear is an impact media platform and global content studio that brings entertainment and action together. Through award-winning storytelling, curating opportunities to learn and act, and building a global community, we define a new category in media that aims to create global impact through collective agency. Powered by hundreds of non-profit partners, active citizens, and purpose-driven brands, we invite people to switch from mindless scrolling and engage with diverse forms of content at the intersection of the environment and culture.

We are believers in the power of storytelling as a catalyst for global impact, sharing stories that heighten curiosity; stories that shift society; stories that inspire action.

Real good stories, driving real change.

Read on to dive into our curated collection of films that deepen our connection with life below water; all available to stream for free now.

01_Mother of the Sea

This short film tells the legend of The Mother of the Sea – a tale that virtually every Inuit from Greenland to the Canadian Arctic knows in some form or another. Telling this tale does more than scare children away from the dangerous ice; it warns us all about the perils of disrespecting Mother Nature. Duration: 10 minutes


02_The Black Mermaid

Throughout history, Black communities have had a treacherous relationship with water, depicted as a powerful yet destructive entity in African folklore. This is a story never told before, but more vital than ever: a modern day tale of the Black Mermaid, Zandile Ndhlovu.  Following Zandile’s expedition to see the Sardine Run, this intimate story shows us the danger of incomplete narratives, particularly around Black people and water. It powerfully  unpacks the challenges faced by minorities, who are living one step away from the ocean but often excluded from enjoying its natural wonders. Duration: 9 minutes


03_Out Of Step

Follow the journey of surfers Tom Bing and Sally McGee as they embark on a road trip with their son, Billy. Through captivating visuals and candid moments, the film explores their values and commitment to ocean, adventure and exploration as education – showcasing how they navigate the challenges of parenthood on the road while their son grows older. As they traverse landscapes and encounter new experiences, you’ll be left reflecting on the meaning of adventure and freedom and living a life ‘out of step’. Duration: 17 minutes


04_Dive Tierra bomb dive

Faced with the critical task of saving their vital reef, Yassandra, at just 19 years old, emerges as an environmental leader destined to make a difference. In her quest, Yassandra becomes a source of inspiration for all who encounter her. Her vision of a more secure future for her island home ignites a spark within those around her, awakening a shared purpose and a collective desire to safeguard their natural heritage. Join Yassandra on her empowering journey, as she shows us that it is never too early or too late to become a catalyst for positive transformation. Duration: 10 minutes


05_The Last Vaquita

With the Vaquita Porpoise on the brink of extinction, two brothers who collaborate as wildlife artists leave their studio behind and head to a small fishing town in Mexico. They board the M/V Farley Mowat to experience the front-line fight between ocean conservationists Sea Shepherd and poachers, backed by the Mexican cartel, who are devastating countless marine species. Caught up in a tale of greed and corruption, they witness a battle that seems all but lost and find themselves questioning their place in the world. Duration: 13 minutes

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