Sylwia + Simon

Exploring the point at which a magazine loses its sense of self

During two days spent with our friends Sylwia + Simon, we used imperfect copies of boom saloon to explore the questions noted below. Building upon Sylwia’s lifelong appreciation for the tactile nature of paper, we tested how far we could push the boundaries and at what point a magazine loses its sense of self. This work feeds into our ongoing discussions around building a circular publishing model and eliminating waste to support a more sustainable future; it will also form a part of Sylwia’s ongoing paper sculpture series, providing the raw material with which to create a new form. 

magazine pages scrunched on floor
  1. When is a magazine no longer a magazine? How far can we push destruction before the point of total annihilation? When does an object lose its sense of self?
  1. The European paper recycling rate is 72%, which is approaching the practical theoretical maximum recycling rate of 78%.
    How can we continuously drive this forward? What is the fully circular model for our industry?
strip of fabric coated in plaster dripping into tray
strips of fabric being coated by plaster
  1. What do we keep? What do we pass on?
    What do we leave as our legacy?
mostly covered chicken wire sculpture stands in studio
  1. During the pandemic, 113 magazines were launched. Why add to this? What do we contribute vs what do we take from our world?