The Hope Collection

Nurturing connection whilst further supporting the Scottish arts

An investment management company with a strong emphasis on leading us forward, Rathbones provide a service imbued with responsibility, tradition and trust. Consistently working to create a lasting legacy, their support extends from clients into our broader society, communities and environment. A prime example of this is the yearly arts event – sadly cancelled during COVID-19 lockdowns. In light of this, we were commissioned to create a print keepsake to fill the void created.

Whilst ongoing restrictions prevented Rathbones from physically coming together with their clients, we conceptualised a series of postcards showcasing the work of extraordinary Scottish artists – each with the theme of ‘hope’ in mind. The curated selection, printed on FSC accredited stock with an elemental chlorine free wrap made from wood pulp sourced from managed forests, allowed the Rathbones community to enjoy the creativity on their doorstep before providing the vehicle for them to nurture connection to those they may have been unable to visit in person. The special collaboration allowed Rathbones to continue their support of the Scottish arts landscape, whilst simultaneously providing their clients with a medium to boost connection at a time when so many of us felt isolated. Until they were able to meet again, the postcards created bridged the gap and paved the way for the community to again look forward, together.