Magma in Moon Kingdom

photography__chiara zonca | saskatoon__canada

Duo locations, alternate topographies, a single eye; in the following feature we combine two photographic essays shot by Canada based Chiara Zonca. The first, ‘Magma,’ documents the aftermath of a volcanic eruption in Lanzarote in 1730. For six years, flaming lava rushed from the depths of the earth to turn villages to ash and wreak havoc upon the landscape. ‘Magma’ explores the aftermath of this, seeking solace in the delicate regrowth still taking place centuries later and reimagining a land of possibility amidst the dust and stone. ‘Moon Kingdom’ explores the healing power of nature by way of a trip through the primordial terrain of the Atacama desert in Chile and the Altiplano region in Bolivia. Carved out by wind and water, these striking landscapes are home to various sand and stone formations in a range of textures and hues – combining to create a bold new world, a place to lose oneself and restore balance isolated from the chaos of human life. ‘Magma in Moon Kingdom’ brings together these fantasy lands for the first time, documenting something undoubtedly tangible yet apparently not quite real.

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