Issue 004: Perspective

With our fourth issue, we allowed ourselves to stretch our creative legs whilst remaining true to a facet of the foundation of boom saloon – the need to be unexpected and embrace change, courageously challenging and questioning. 

It was decided early on that our publication must be ever-changing and evolving to reflect our dynamic community of readers, collaborators and creatives. Our fourth issue reflects this attitude, intentionally stepping away from the quietly tonal colour palette showcased across our previous three issues. João Farkas’s vibrant cover demands attention – punchy, vibrant and utterly unexpected, it marks the evolution of the publication and sets the tone for an exciting whirlwind of contributions from incredible talents around the world. 

Covering the controversial use of biological material in art, a forceful examination of our current approach to contested space and an in depth exploration of human’s relationship to salt, alongside many other thought provoking narratives, our fourth issue refuses to remain static across design or editorial – presenting an unshakably ambitious addition to our collection which supports debate, progression and conversation. 

All profits raised from sales will support project 002.5: rewriting the story of dementia.