Issue 003: Displacement​

Our third issue presented the closest tie to date to our community projects work; as Label Free collaborated with young people dealing with forcible displacement to address the labels society can attach to certain groups of people, our print magazine took ‘displacement’ as its theme. 

Cutting across each and every one of our chapters, this theme also shaped a very special feature we’ve now come to be known for: Tear Sheets. Gifting our readers a specially commissioned artwork for the price of a magazine, Tear Sheets is presented as a heavy weight page at the back of each and every issue of boom saloon – featuring a single work from an artist we hold in high esteem. Perforated at the spine, the page is designed to be ripped out and displayed in any way our readers see fit; be that framed, tacked or cut up and collaged. 

Our third issue’s Tear Sheet is home to the work of multi-disciplinary artist David Lemm, following on from previous collectibles from Alexvnder Blvck and Joey Yu. Lemm’s chosen piece explores the relationship between language, identity and landscape, questioning our understanding of the place we call home and providing the perfect finale for 003 and its exploration of the theme of displacement.

All profits raised from sales will support project 002.5: rewriting the story of dementia.