Flipping the conversation around design, innovation and strategy

Label Ventures is a global professional services network, focussed on making it simpler for ambitious organisations to grow rapidly in ways that are positive for people and the planet. Keen to stretch current thinking around high level conversations within the design, strategy and innovation sectors, Label Ventures approached us to launch a new publication to explore this. 

Removing the discussion from the board room and taking a deep dive into the minds of pioneers across the industry provided the starter for ten to conceptualise an exciting take on the traditional magazine format – presented in two halves, the publication physically ‘flips’ midway. Four lead interviews are given space to breathe in the first half of the publication, before the most exciting remarks are developed in detail ‘in the flip.’ The publication’s professional yet quirky and playful personality was brought to life by an exciting typographic language crafted by the combination of traditional yet unusual Grand Cru and modern grotesque Neue Montreal. This paved the way for an exploration of the conversational labyrinth built by some of the industry’s most exciting minds, in a creative collaboration rooted in an affinity to champion a new generation of products, services and businesses that are good for the world.