Save to List: DJs For Climate Action’s Earth Night venues

A world’s worth of recommended spots from our global community
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“Inspired by the writings of Adrienne Maree Brown and Audre Lorde, this year, we welcome pleasure, beauty, and regenerative practices in all of our endeavours as we organise a global celebration of the Earth, powered by local communities. By harnessing the power of horizontal and design thinking, we can share our tools and resources and build community around nightlife, music, arts and nature.” – Lola Villa, Strategy at DJs 4 Climate Action

Founded in 2018, Earth Night is DJs For Climate Action [DJs4CA]’s annual global event series, which takes place every April during Earth Week. Earth Night’s events are brought together by DJs, venues and promoters around the world to demonstrate how our collective, directed actions can combine to incite change which is truly inspiring and impactful – furthering DJs4CA’s work to harness the influence of electronic music and DJ culture to power climate solutions and generate action. 

Scientists, activists and frontline communities continue to warn of impending climate meltdown, yet leaders have so far failed to provide solutions. In the face of immense overwhelm and resulting climate paralysis taking hold globally, Earth Night emphasises local, community-led actions that spread joy whilst moving the needle towards climate justice. The unique event series taps into the power of music to engage and educate communities; music holds the power to touch people’s hearts and change their minds, so supporting the cultural transformation that is necessary to address climate change. 

This year’s Earth Night places a spotlight on regenerative practices, embodying a commitment to leaving the places celebrated even richer than when found. DJs4CA are committed to hosting events that minimise plastic use and avoid air travel, prioritising sustainability in every aspect. Their event lineups prioritise local talent, promoting diversity and fostering a sense of community connection led across an organisational structure which encourages collaboration and inclusivity – resembling natural networks like mycelium.

Read on for our selection of the top Earth Night events taking place in inspiring venues around the world, from April 19th to 21st. 

01_House of Yes, Wildlife Event – NYC

The first of two events held at House of Yes in support of Earth Day. Taking place on April 20th, Wildlife aims to transform Earth Day into Earth Night, with the party stretching from 10pm until 4am. 


02_House of Yes – NYC

Held the morning after Wildlife, on April 21st, House of Yes hosts Earth Love Fest – a free Block Party and Eco-focused festival. All ages are welcome with the event kicking off at 12pm.


03_Virage – Paris

Virage joins the Earth Night initiative for an evening bringing together artists to push for change. Held on April 20th, the event starts at 11pm and continues on until 7am on April 21st.


04_Yerba Buena Gardens – San Francisco

An all day long, family-friendly festival is being held on the Great Lawn at Yerba Buena Gardens on April 20th. To honour Earth Day, there will be live music and performances, tree-plantings, food and interactive art. 


05_B Club – London

Award-winning boutique nightclub, B London, is hosting its Earth Day & Night Weekender on April 20th. With promises of a ‘special guest,’ B invites everyone to groove to tracks spun by eco-friendly DJs for this special event. 


06_Systeme – Montreal

Le Système, located in Montreal, is hosting an event on April 20th in support of Earth Day, with DJs lined up to play until early hours of the morning against a backdrop of great food and natural wines.


07_Norrsken – Barcelona

Situated on the rooftop of Norrsken House in Barcelona on April 19th, Earth Day Weekender hopes to engage in powerful conversations with their line-up of industry panels, held in the city’s most in demand rooftop.


08_Solar Party – Detroit

Solar Party Detroit will be hosting their Off-Grid Earth Day set on April 22nd, which will stream online from 4.22pm.


09_The Little Orange Door – London

The Little Orange Door, collaborating with Melting Lights, will host a free event at 9.30pm on April 19th to celebrate Earth Day.

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