Connective Tissue, pt. one

Connecting us all through paper and ink

As part of our ‘meanderings’ series, we held a thought provoking event with Ryan Filchak, director of Kentucky based creative hub Institute 193, and writer Austyn Gaffney. They joined us in conversation to discuss the concept of ‘creative space’ and the communities that these environments nurture – sparking a discussion around non-tangible relationship networks, regression vs advancement and the connective tissue which binds us all. Inspired by this, we decided to continue the conversation by creating a collaboratively produced publication exploring what connection means to the boom saloon community, inviting them to be a part of its creation. 

To enable this, we designed a series of invitations which enclosed a leaf of tissue paper. Double side riso printed in medium blue on 298gsm Loop Birch, the invitations asked our community to use the tissue paper included to send us a word, a poem, a sentence, a drawing or a diagram about connection. We’re currently collating the responses received, which will form a singular publication showcasing the thoughts of our global community – connecting us all through paper and ink and manifesting a singular, tangible form representing us all. 

Stay tuned for the final outcome.

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