photography & words – denitsa toshirova
location – berlin, germany

Zu·kunft [german] f u t u r e /Zúkunft/ Substantiv, feminin [die] Zeit, die noch bevorsteht, die noch nicht da ist; die erst kommende oder künftige Zeit (und das in ihr zu Erwartende)

‘Zukunft’ is an ongoing body of work, a journey through both my frustration and appreciation for my own body, its beauty, its flaws and great abilities – to grow, to sustain, to change, to adapt, to nurture, to create. It is also an ode to acceptance and an exploration of my sense of belonging. I always sought a place that I could call home, feel whole, feel safe. I searched for this in different places, different people. But the places changed, people changed too, and I was always left with this dreadful feeling of displacement. I never looked inwards. I never thought that searching for acceptance starts with me. 

I am my own.

I don’t belong to no place and no man.

My body is my home. 

Where I am. Where I can be. Where I know, I don’t need to be whole, to be worthy.

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