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In Search of Respite

“Art is a spiritual, immaterial respite from the hardships of life” – Fernando Botero

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Magma in Moon Kingdom

Duo locations, alternate topographies and a single eye document the landscapes of Lanzarote, Chile and Bolivia

Project 001: The Creative Riot

Bringing together performance parkour, space graffiti and more in a showcase of untapped talent, the legacy of which challenges much more than just our artistic tastes


Envisioning the European Conference of Social Work Research

Our fourth issue explores the theme of ‘perspective’ and is fronted by our boldest feature yet – punchy, vibrant and utterly unexpected, it marks the evolution of our publication. Inside, pleasingly eclectic features include an all new perspective of our experience within our own skin and a sumptuously beautiful take on travels through India. We discuss the fear of agency within today’s society in a forceful examination of our approach to contested space, before diving into the ethics surrounding the use of biological material in art alongside an exploration of human’s relationship to salt. As with all of our magazines, this issue directly supports boom saloon projects, bringing together a global community striving to democratise creativity for good. 

Cover photography by João Farkas. 


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