#project003: Match Cut

‘You are crazy, my child. You must go to Berlin.’ – Franz von Suppé
words – rachel arthur
photography — william topping

For our third boom project, we plan to use filmmaking to give a voice to the overlooked and underrepresented communities of Berlin by facilitating free storytelling and filmmaking workshops which will culminate in a co-created short film. Kickstarted via a series of intensive filmmaking workshops, the project will begin by offering access to industry experts and support to work through the entire filmmaking process in an empowering, structured manner. Following this, we will move to remote working as attendees are given time to utilise the skills they’ve learnt to produce a short film of their own. From here we’ll be working to showcase their material across the city of Berlin; formalising partnerships and working with our collaborators to ensure lively new voices are heard all across the city.

Match Cut will nurture and champion talent too often left unrealised in the industry’s outskirts, supporting a network that can learn, share and grow together which gives a voice to those usually silenced, ignored or unable to connect. Building upon our work to date, we will continue to address ongoing industry concerns – creating, strengthening and sustaining richer, more diverse and inclusive creative ecosystems. We will create opportunity for all, enabling diverse voices to be heard – something we consider vital for creativity’s progression.

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