freeform: the lens of displacement


All profits raised from sales will support project 002.5: rewriting the story of dementia.

Over the course of an evening in December, we gathered a selection of brilliant minds with lived experience to discuss the use of the camera as a weapon and how we ethically document forcible displacement and migration. Seeking to question the accepted narrative, stretch our thinking and bring us together to collectively, and often heatedly, discuss how we might move forward within a challenging world, the event created space to interrogate some of today’s most pressing questions. 

As the series continues, we’re excited to share with you a transcript from the evening – presented as a non-white paper, unedited and unredacted. Printed in-house on 2 part listing paper, using an OKI Microline, the document presents the discussions held, opinions aired and ideas challenged over the course of the evening. From media influence to perceived identity to learnings from around the world, the non-white paper contains a wide ranging selection of thoughts covering multiple facets of the wider conversation. Exploring forcible displacement and migration within today’s society, freeform: the lens of displacement touches on issues of empathy and how we portray and document fellow human beings at their most challenging moments; on more literal issues of how these images are manipulated for political gain; and how the documentation of trauma through photography is approached in a broader sense – questioning when to act and when to stay a bystander. In this, we contemplate our own feelings on migration and forcible displacement, and our own roles in how these narratives are shaped, shared and perpetuated. 

Please note that freeform is printed to order; as such, all orders may be subject to an additional two day delivery time above and beyond standard. . 

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