Issue 005: Resolve​

Our most refined issue to date, 005 presents the latest development of our work thus far and showcases the strongest evolution of boom saloon in print. The features housed within our foil blocked cover are refined yet playful, alluding to the confidence built across the issues previously published. 

Most notably, our editorial evolves to fully align with our overarching stance – exploring the importance of the arts and creative industries alongside the point at which they intersect with wider societal discussions of economics, politics, culture and justice. Within 005’s 181 pages, we dedicate 14 to renowned photographers and researchers Lena Dobrowolska and Teo Ormond-Skeaping, who join forces for a deep dive into scenarios thinking which presents us with a pressing ultimatum for humanity in the midst of continuous climate change. Bringing together breathtaking photography with vitally pressing editorial, the feature exemplifies our stance moving forward and forms just one facet of a publication rich with insight, challenge and potential. 

As this work continues to evolve, we will continue to  produce work that is timelessly designed, ever relevant and underpins our continuing legacy of positive change.  

All profits raised from sales will support project 002.5: rewriting the story of dementia.