Showcasing a holistic solution to the problems of the care sector

At a time when the Government is keen to integrate health and social care services, the boom room was approached by Integrated Care Networks to showcase their early stage application, i-Care, to a selected group of NHS professionals. 

The industry’s biggest challenge? There are many parties who interface with clients receiving home based care, but there is no standardised communication platform that links the parties together and allows them to access each other’s activities and visits whilst being able to
input actions and deliverables. 

Step forward i-Care. The application’s holistic approach recognises the major contribution of family, friends and the voluntary sector whilst putting the client at the centre of the process. i-Care collates client data, personal, medical and family information to provide a single centralised source of information to maintain a consistency of informed care and to maintain that consistency throughout the system.

Our work for i-Care started with asking the burning question: when it comes to i-Care, who cares? Whoever our client, we always start by fully understanding the scope of the challenge at hand so we can tackle it from all necessary angles; this time around comprising of getting to grips with understanding the care sector as a whole and the benefits an application such as i-Care could offer to clients, family, carers and the NHS itself. 

Thanks to a tight build by Geared App, i-Care already held a lot of potential; the boom room’s task was to showcase this in a cohesive manner to a defined audience with very set expectations. We settled upon a crisp, clean colour palette which reflected the healthcare aspects of the application; fresh green paired with an unfussy white background. Sans serif typefaces aligned with i-Care’s aims to usher in a modern approach to home care management whilst the simple use of line speaks of medical diagrams and a straight-to-the-point, knowledgeable solution to problems.  

Multiple slidedecks and presentation documents were created, each targeting their own unique audience. A forward thinking yet trustworthy aesthetic was interwoven through each to convey i-Care’s professionalism and pioneering approach. Together, these provided a cohesive overview of a dynamic application set to revolutionise the care sector as we know it.