Crafting a coffee concept centred around community

The latest venture from a much respected team, Drift is a coffee concept rooted in community and the strength of a great barista. Straddling both the custom and corporate coffee industries, the brand capitalises on a strong knowledge of the industry to deliver the perfect refreshment to a range of customers across both permanent coffee bars and uniquely mobile pop-ups. 

Tasked with creating a dynamic brand identity to illustrate these concepts, we worked to fully understand Drift’s position within the market and unique offering. With a desire to move away from anything edgy or sharp, the team wished to relay the brand’s sense of community and inclusion, highlighting the relationships formed between barista and customer over a cup of coffee.

Typefaces Tuesday Night and Relative formed the basis of the logotype and symbol, with a highly calligraphic nature adding an element of warmth and humanity to the brand. An extension of the letter ’t’ creates a strong brand symbol, secondary but subtly contained within the main logotype, which forms a new imagining of the traditional ‘x’ and can be used as a marker across loyalty cards and brand materials. Reseda Green and Pearl Mouse Grey speak of the more natural elements of coffee production whilst aligning with the original colour scheme of the 1960s vehicles which form the mobile element of the brand and sit comfortably in both corporate and informal settings. This project is directly supporting our projects third adventure, Match Cut, which will use film to give a voice to the underrepresented and overlooked communities of Berlin.