What might a settlement in modern day Mumbai learn from a Nineteenth Century town planner in Edinburgh?

Archived: A Universal Sense of Place

Considering photography as a colonial practice, Laura Beltrán Villamizar argues for a need to understand the discipline’s complex history and politics to allow for the redistribution of power, and the reclamation of space for diverse storytellers to define themselves.

Archived: sensitive boys club’s secondary jazz

“Musically, I’m interested in so many different styles of music; it might be jungle and electronica on a Friday night, ambient and classical on a Sunday evening and highlife and hip-hop on a Monday morning.”

Archived: We photograph, therefore we are

Agency, identity and affirmation form tangible outputs of the work of Rohingyatographer, a beacon of creative expression and resilience in the heart of the world’s largest refugee camp

Archived: Joell’s artistic expressions

“We don’t get a lot of time in the day so I want to spend every second I can putting the work in and one day I can give back to the people that gave to me.”

Archived: Reconciling

If architecture really is the simplest means of modulating reality, what does the future hold for Algiers and its crumbling colonial restructuring?

Archived: Resolving to design the city bottom-up

Dan Dorocic of ON/OFF – an architecture collective named after the group’s precarious working hours and projects – revisits one of the collective’s most extraordinary projects, Co-machines, in a call to move towards a bottom-up approach to the designing of our cities.