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Rites of Passage

Capturing the liminal moments within our collective rites of passage, photographer Jaz Jagdeo presents a series at once personal and unique yet universally understood
photography – jaz jagdeo
location – edinburgh, scotland

Our collective existence can rarely be beholden, or indeed understood, without acknowledgment of the rituals of development we each adopt throughout our journeys – be these purposeful or societally engrained to such an extent they become subconscious. As recognised by Arnold Van Gennep, we each undergo multiple tripartite processes of separation, transition and incorporation throughout our lives, with various rituals marking our key stages. Each individual will undergo a unique combination of rites of passage, many of which cannot be experienced by all. And yet, regardless of environment, culture or socioeconomics, the similarities of ritual we share are illuminating when viewed through a global lens. They provide rich insights into the potential for better understanding and nurturing global connections, whilst respecting the variants of each individual’s development.

The transitional phase of this development, following the end of an old way of life before re-emergence of a new ‘form,’ is often the phase least explored. This liminality takes place somewhat in limbo – the transitional segment of growth only recognised and celebrated once complete, the newly formed identity resplendent in its entirety and deserving of recognition. To photographer Jaz Jagdeo, it is this liminal period of transition which provides the most intrigue – the moments of in-between transience filled with multiple possibilities. A frequent traveller, Jagdeo purposefully chooses to capture these moments via iPhone. The medium unobtrusively allows him to rapidly photograph these transitions with focus thrown onto the journey as opposed to the destination, the shadow of those in attendance as opposed to the lauded money shot.

Often abstract and off centre, Jagdeo’s candid work captures the fleeting moments of in-between so often overlooked in pursuit of the main event. The images explore the moments often unseen and the beauty which can exist within them. Liminal and ambiguous, the images offer the perfect illustration of a concept both personal and unique yet universally undertaken. 

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