A chance encounter with the myths of Ovid led photographer Carlos Anguera to document humans’ deep connection to nature by way of underwater photography in the introspective ‘Metamorphoses’
photography – carlos anguera
location – glasgow, scotland

Carlos Anguera’s work deals with the metaphysical and physiological sense of perception – over time embracing a process-based approach to this practice. With a desire to evolve the act of picture making, Anguera’s portfolio experiments with the physicality of the medium and intuitively adds processes to counteract the immediacy of the photography itself. Grounding his work in meticulous research, Anguera nurtures the possibility of analog media and develops his output with contemporary technology.

Metamorphoses’ was first imagined during the warm summer of 2019, spent in Anguera’s homeland of Mallorca. An introspective project, of the work he states: “I believe that photography as a medium has the power to become a therapeutic tool, a borderline between the conscious and the impulsive and an excuse to face challenging situations hiding behind a camera lens.

“I decided to work on this project during my ninth year away from home. Being born on an island and moving to the UK, at the age of 15, made me grow so much as a person. On the other hand, this ‘nomadic’ approach to travelling and studying made me question my origins and challenge where I belong. It was a mix of being homesick but not fully understanding the elements that were triggering that constant uncertainty.

I decided to take a break from work and studies and went back home to the small village where I grew up. At the time I was researching old manuscripts and theories about metaphysics when I stumbled upon the poems and myths by Ovid in his series ‘Metamorphoses.’ One of the main themes that resonated with me was the way humans were morphing into nature. After spending some time with an old underwater camera interacting with family and friends, I realised that the subjects portrayed were not that relevant and that, instead, I aimed to capture the state of being underwater. After processing the project back in the UK, I realised that my connection to my origins is not that related to specific places but to the people that I grew up with, our shared experiences and our resolve to maintain our deep connection to nature.”

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