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Joseff Morgan’s Cardiff

EARTHA // Ripple Living // Neighbourhood Bedrooms and Kitchen
curation – joseff morgan

At boom saloon, we’re incredibly privileged to collaborate with a community of hundreds of talented creatives all around the world, stretching from Ecuador to Egypt, China to Canada, Austria to Africa. Our strong relations have afforded us a wealth of insider insights into the best places to visit, eat and stay, all around the world. Now, we want to share this information with our members as we work with our community to map the world and share their best recommendations of how to enjoy destinations both near and far. Our version of a city guide, delivered interactively and in real time – simply click the link at the bottom of the page to save the map and bookmark a wealth of future adventures.

Featuring galleries, coffee cum wine bars and Cardiff’s top bowling green, Joseff Morgan’s overview of the Welsh capital provides plenty to see and do. As he puts it himself – “Croeso i Gymru. When visiting, key words and phrases to use wherever possible are: “Shwmae” [hello], “Iechyd da” [cheers] and “Viva Gareth Bale” [viva Gareth Bale].”


Part plant shop, part vegetarian cafe, EARTHA is a vibe. Their seasonal menu is consistently innovative and delicious, and their garden has a yurt to while away the hours in.

02_ Hard Lines, Sibling, MEC

Cardiff has gone mad for coffee / wine bar combos, which is great. It’s too hard to pick one, and why bother, so here are my top three to sample. Each one has branding as bold as the coffee.

03_Gallery Ten 
Gallery Ten exhibits stunning emerging Welsh art, and the gallery itself sits in a former coach house painted black that looks incredibly cool. It’s a great space to be inspired.
04_Ripple Living 

Cardiff shopping arcades are very pretty. And more should be made of them, like The Lanes in Brighton. But the coolest shop in Cardiff is Ripple; an ethical lifestyle and zero waste store. It’s awesome for thoughtful gifts, and a fun place to fill up an empty jam jar with mint chocolate buttons while pretending to yourself that you’re doing it to be good to the environment.

05_Mackintosh Sports Club 

If you’re in the city on a pleasant summer evening, head to Mackintosh Sports Club and enjoy a cold lager while cheering on the local bowls club pitch side as they battle it out against, well, another local bowls club. It’s the best sporting experience in the capital. Respect the sport.

06_Neighbourhood Bedrooms and Kitchen

Neighbourhood’s boutique rooms are comfy and trendy and in a good location (just a few minutes away from the train station), excellent for an overnight stay. The Kitchen, meanwhile, offers a rotating selection of tasty street food options.

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