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Power, ownership and dominance abound in Corbin Chase’s depiction of commanding female subjects
words + photography – corbin chase
location – new york, united states

“From the beginning of my exploration of photography, I noticed a tendency to only photograph women, despite having a diverse group of friends. Growing up in Texas I witnessed a lot of men abuse their power in many ways, particularly to control and oppress women. This abuse was especially prevalent in the religious institutions I was exposed to. Women and the issues they face have always been extremely important to me; I like to portray powerful female subjects in my work.

In the book of Genesis, Eve eats the fruit and brings shame and submission to the female identity. In defiance of that, the subjects in these portraits exude power, display an ownership of men through sexuality and aggressively confirm that women are capable of dominance and power. 2016 is an important year for women, especially with the current political situation in the United States and across the globe. As an artist, I want my work to continue to highlight the fact that women are powerful, complex, and worthy of being documented as such.”

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