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Finlay Milne's Dundee

Hospitalfield // Dudhope Skatepark // Verdant Works
curation – finlay milne

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Known for its history, fish and quiet coastal towns, the Dundee and Angus area is also ripe with contemporary music subcultures and pockets of local artists maintaining the area’s vibrancy. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful walk along the sandstone cliffs or prefer to dig through vinyl, the area offers something for every occasion and anyone willing to take the time to meander off the beaten track.

01_Hospitalfield House 

Said to be one of Scotland’s first schools of fine art, Hospitalfield House hosts exhibitions, artists, an organic farm and accompanying cafe. Having lived across the road, I can confirm that Hospitalfield is a diamond in the rough for Arbroath, purveying art and design to the local community and further afield.

02_Dudhope Skatepark 
One of the first skateparks I visited, ever filled with a diverse collection of people – from lifelong skaters to students from across the globe. Everyone here is open to helping newcomers and involving visitors so that all feel welcome.
03_Le Freak Records 

Sticking to the roots of dance music culture, this record shop covers every genre. Go inside, ask questions and explore this fruitful community that has always strived for a sense of togetherness.

04_Thirteen Records 

Formerly the iconic Groucho’s, a record store and more that brought music to generations of people growing up around the area. After the passing of the owner Alastair Brodie and Groucho’s closure during the pandemic, this new record store was created by the staff to continue the legacy that Alastair forged.

05_Conroy’s Basement/Rad Apples  

Keeping Dundee vibrant, this intimate basement venue is home to frequent gigs and events across a variety of fields. Rad Apples, formed by a group of friends in the city to experiment with vegan comfort food, has recently opened upstairs – providing the perfect place for a bite, pint and dance.


A breath of fresh air, this cosy little café paved a growing trail of inspiration for other locals to create their own space in Arbroath. BEARPIG’s use of organic seasonal ingredients and great coffee beans leaves visitors ready to return.

07_The Cooper Gallery

Designed by architect James Wallace in 1953, this unique space hosts a variety of exhibitions throughout the year. With a focus on critical discourse through contemporary practices it is always a place to learn something new while sparking your inspiration.


After visiting The Cooper Gallery, it’s advised to visit this local to reflect and discuss. From world beers to local brews, they have a thirst quencher for all and provide a warm welcome to anyone passing through.

09_Verdant Works

A restored 19th century mill, reimagined to transport you back in time. Don’t miss a chance to experience the sights, sounds and techniques of Scotland’s rich textile history.

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