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Caretas de Maragojipe

Shot during carnival in Maragojipe, Joao Farkas’s series depicts the artistic flair of Brazilian culture existing well beyond traditional boundaries
photography - joão farkas
location – são paulo, brazil

Focussing on the many vibrant aspects of Brazilian culture, the work of João Farkas explores the peoples’ relationship with their environment, complex and evolving sense of self and unbridled creativity. As the photographer states: “Brazil is an amazing country with an extremely mixed population, an incredible variety of landscapes and biomes, with a very complex and evolving cultural scene. To travel in Brazil and register the amazing art of anonymous people, with such creativity and strength is marvellous, it’s very moving. Photography can transport people to places unknown, and call attention to important, relevant, or wonderful things that have not been seen.” The following series, shot during carnival in Maragojipe, perfectly illustrates this artistic flair with extraordinary variety and an explosion of colour well beyond any traditional boundaries or established rules.


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