Add to Queue: Ellen Renton’s Comfort Reading

A series of recommendations curated by the boom saloon community
curation – ellen renton

I love the excitement that comes with reading poetry, especially when I discover a writer’s work for the first time. I do have a habit though, much like with music or films, to return to the same wee pile of books in search of some comfort when things all feel a bit too much. These are my comfort reads – the collections that continuously bring me joy, solace and wonder, even on the hundredth read. I hope they might bring the same to you.

01_Eavan Boland – A Woman Without A Country

02_Raymond Antrobus – The Perseverance

03_William Letford – Dirt

04_Jackie Kay – Bantam

05_Ilya Kaminsky – Deaf Republic

06_Audre Lorde – Undersong

07_Kayo Chingonyi – A Blood Condition

08_Nadine Aisha Jassat – Let Me Tell You This

09_Rachel Long – My Darling From the Lions

10_Norman MacCaig – The Poems of Norman MacCaig

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