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Edinburgh’s Billy Got Waves has been a key voice in the burgeoning Scottish rap scene since his involvement in the enigmatic hip hop collective 131 Northside and the release of his own debut mixtape ‘Kill Billy’ in 2018. We first had the pleasure of collaborating during our first community project, The Creative Riot. This year, he returned with Act 1 of his three-part album ‘Rocket Boy’, which depicts a strange and perilous time in his life with music that is full of vulnerability and hope. Speaking of the release, he said: “Rocket Boy is a self analysis of certain areas of my life over the past couple of years, parts of life which normally you wouldn’t say out loud let alone even consciously think about.”

This playlist features the four tracks from Rocket Boy 1/3, plus a number of other artists that Billy has been enjoying and taking inspiration from lately, including Danny L Harle, Yung Lean and Shygirl.

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