Our latest publication, commissioned by Label Ventures, presents a showcase of pioneering voices from the worlds of strategy, design and innovation – focusing on how they each ‘do the right thing.’ We begin by taking a deep dive into the unique reflections of extraordinary global talents Tom Miskin, Grant McCracken, Julie Scott and Tabitha Goldstaub in four long form features – lifting the lid on what makes them tick, we examine how their ideas have forged vibrant creative careers full of possibility. From here, we flip the pace [and the page] to guide our readers through a conversational labyrinth built from the tangents and connections that their discussions spark. Featuring industry insights from a wealth of innovative creatives, such as best-selling author Tim Harford, Helena Good of Daydream Believers, IBM’s Ash Minhas and Scott Colfer from the Ministry of Justice, this is the outcome of a creative collaboration rooted in an affinity to champion a new generation of products, services and businesses that are good for the world – with all profits raised supporting our work to rewrite the story of dementia.

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In Search of Respite

“Art is a spiritual, immaterial respite from the hardships of life” – Fernando Botero

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Magma in Moon Kingdom

Duo locations, alternate topographies and a single eye document the landscapes of Lanzarote, Chile and Bolivia

Project 001: The Creative Riot

Bringing together performance parkour, space graffiti and more in a showcase of untapped talent, the legacy of which challenges much more than just our artistic tastes


Envisioning the European Conference of Social Work Research

Our fifth issue explores the theme of ‘resolve’ with input from an extraordinary global network of talents. Renowned photographers and climate change researchers Lena Dobrowolska and Teo Ormond-Skeaping join forces for a deep dive into scenarios thinking which presents humanity with a pressing ultimatum. Nonkululeko Sibande’s Umqhele unpacks the representation of Black hair within culture, whilst Ryan Filchak’s interview with The Design Museum’s Priya Khanchandani questions our cultural institutions’ moral imperatives. Adding food for thought is an extracted conversation between Jessica Elliott Dennison and Phillippa Henley – a chef and sculptor duo seeking to rebrand Scotland and all it has to offer. This paves the way for a number of features collated closer to home, at a time when many of us are forced to look inward. All profits raised from the sale of our fifth issue will support project 002.5, which will seek to rewrite the story of dementia in collaboration with a number of local Scottish dementia groups.

Cover photography by Rudi Geyser


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